the "Heroic" Solomon Kane Sheet

Here is a copy of the Solomon Kane sheet with the heroic rank included in the Edges chart.


Stat Sheet

Here is a 4x6 stat sheet that I use for whatever NPC or beasties that I might be using for game that night. Print them out on cardstock for maximum shelf life.


Burst Template Craters

A little something I made for this weeks home game. Some Burst Templates that also double as craters (difficult terrain +1 cover. These were done only an hour or so before game -- perhaps when I get the free time to revisit it, I can add some colorful splatters and other nasties to them


Savage Training Wheels

Folks seem to dig the layout of the Paranoia sheet - So I'm posting the 'internal document' on which it was based, what I call my "Training Wheels" sheet.

I use it at my house, whenever I bring in a new player. I find that this helps bring them up to speed fairly quickly. Now - I share it with you


Savage Paranoia

UPDATE - there is a new 2013 version of this sheet along with a rough outline for character creation rules

So I'm working on running a Paranoia session sometime in the future -- and I want to run it under Savage Worlds - so sue me. (note to Eric Goldberg & Greg Costikyan -- please don't sue me). Here is my first pass on a character sheet -- I encourage folks to take a look gimme some feedback


50 Fathoms Map details

I have recently revamped the original Map of Caribdus I made for 50 Fathoms, and made it available as a Poster in my CafePress Store.

Cafepress is awesome, but their image zoom leaves much to be desired. I am posting a few detail shots from the map here so you can get a better look at the new art

UPDATE 5/29/2010

This vanished from my cafepress store for a bit. The original file became corrupted and I had to search my archives and re-upload a copy. for some reason this took months for me to do. But it is done now.


Necropolis Operational Commandment

I made this Necropolis Operational Commandment sheet to jot notes on while using the kick ass Necropolis mission generator.

Necropolis Squad Sheet

You got a lot of soldiers to keep track of -- how about using this Necropolis Squad Sheet.


Mankind is locked in a perpetual war with the undead on the last habitable planet in the universe.

You are a member of the Holy Army of the Third Reformation Church. You must battle against the forces of darkness in this third installment of the Weird Wars saga. Losing this war means losing humanity to the bitter moans of an undead future.

-- Welcome to Necropolis.

Mort's Deadlands Reloaded

A fellow by the name of Mort made this variant of my Deadlands sheet.

Deadlands Reloaded

No -- this is not the sheet in the back of the Deadlands Reloaded book. That one is real perty and clearly based on my Basic Sheet, and wasn't done by me. This one however -- was.

Hell on Earth

While the Savage Worlds version of Hell on Earth is a long way off -- They'll have a sheet ready and waiting.

50 Fathoms

The natives say a trio of witches were discovered working dark sorcery in the land of Ograpog. The three were tried, sentenced by King Amemnus himself, and drowned with the rising tide. But with their dying breath the sisters uttered a dark curse, drowning Caribdus beneath 50 Fathoms of water.

Tour of Darkness

For the second installment in the Weird Wars saga -- Tour of Darkness: Vietnam. I tried to capture the feel of a redacted government OSI file.

Necessary Evil

Randy was also one of the guys behind the Savage Worlds 'supers' setting Necessary Evil.

Empire of Bone

This is a first draft sheet for a great - as yet unpublished - setting, penned by a good friend of mine Randy Mosiondz. More on this as things develop

Savage Firefly

Firefly -- the most incredible piece of fiction ever canceled -- here is my leaf on the wind

Savage Warhammer

Cry havoc!

Savage Star Wars

...and as long as I'm violating trademarks -- why not Lucasfilm...

Savage Star Trek

This is one I made for a home game I ran -- pretty colors...

Savage Worlds Basic Character Sheet

Here is the Core Sheet -- This is all you really need -- the rest is just flava'