3x3x3 Necessary Evil Sheet

No man is an island, and no supervillian truly works alone. Have your players fill out these "surveillance reports" on his Friends (tan), Contacts (blue), and Rivals (red). This lets them think a bit about their background and gives you more avenues for story hooks. Also when cut up - each "file" should fit inside a standard 2.5x3.5 card sleeve.


Art Helper Necessary Evil Sheets

Here's a little something I've wanted to do for some time to help out all those folks that want to design their Villains but lack confidence in their art own skillz - 4 sheets each with a pale blue silhouette of a figure (2 men - 2 women). Print them out and get drawing.

Female A - Female B "Amazon"

Male A - Male B "Brute"


Necropolis 2.0 - Papers of Concription

A new fangled character sheet for the new fangled Necropolis.

Necropolis 2.0 Mission orders / Ally Sheet

again - updated to match the look of the new Necropolis tome

Necropolis 2.0 Vehicle Sheets

Updated to match the book design of the new edition of Necropolis - here are two versions of the Vehicle sheet

Slipstream - full color

Slipstream - Printer Friendly

Sunderd Skies

the PDF is available Here