2 Man Rocket Sleds

I've been thinking of running a Slipstream game sometime soon - and this morning I had an idea for an easy way to build some small "Flash Gordon" skysleds. So I whipped up this design, knowing that if I didn't get the idea out of my head and down on 'paper' It would drive me nuts.

So here they are - my Mk 1's, uncolored and untested. I used way too much time making them today that I didn't have the time to actually print and test how well they fit together. So please - gimme feedback. If it's a strong design I'll try to make more variations and bigger, better sleds -- and in that world, everybody wins.


Realms of Cthulhu

From the new offical Savage Worlds setting by Reality Blurs


Convention Demo Sheets

-- UPDATED -- [finally fixed some spelling mistakes] 
After a recent con trip - I felt an urge to make a clean and simple "Demo" character sheet. One that boils down all you really need to run a one-shot adventure into an easy to read format. I moved Parry and Toughness to the very top of the page to make it real easy for the players to find. This sheet is 5.5 wide and 8.5 tall, making it possible to print two side-by-side on one piece of paper.

And here is it set up to print 2 sheets on one piece of paper