2 Man Rocket Sleds

I've been thinking of running a Slipstream game sometime soon - and this morning I had an idea for an easy way to build some small "Flash Gordon" skysleds. So I whipped up this design, knowing that if I didn't get the idea out of my head and down on 'paper' It would drive me nuts.

So here they are - my Mk 1's, uncolored and untested. I used way too much time making them today that I didn't have the time to actually print and test how well they fit together. So please - gimme feedback. If it's a strong design I'll try to make more variations and bigger, better sleds -- and in that world, everybody wins.


Tony Reyes said...

Hey. I just love your character sheets. I'm planning to use the Warhammer Fantasy sheet in my upcoming Savage Warhammer campaign i'm planning.
I was wondering if I could make a request?
Have you ever considered making a Hunter The Vigil character sheet for Savage Worlds. I love the Hunter setting, but I HATE nwod.
I hope I don't come off to assholey asking.
Keep up the great work! I love your stuff.

Cheyenne said...

Sorry I missed this comment - A Hunter sheet was not on my list of things to-do anytime soon. It's been forever since I picked up a WoD book. But if you send me a link to the style of sheet that you mean, I can chew on it for a while.

Tony said...

You can find it here:


Thank you for even taking a look at it. I love your character sheets.