The 2011 Savage Worlds Core Sheet


JoeGun said...

Love the updated sheet!

AstroCat said...

Great sheet, all your sheets look great!

Any chance doing one for Beasts and Barbarians, a Sword and Sorcery Savage Worlds setting by Umberto Pignatelli?


AstroCat said...

I think a cool Beasts and Barbarians sheet set would be worth a donation. :)


Cheyenne said...

I'd be up for it - that said, it looks like Pitor already has something in the works, and I don't like to step on toes.

Tell you what - i'll do some sketching on a 'generic fantasy' Savage sheet, on my trip back from Worldcon.

AstroCat said...

Sounds good and thanks. I think we could use a good "sword and sorcery" styled character sheet for savaged worlds.