Savage Paranoia 2013

So I'm getting ready to run another filler game with my current crew - and I'm making it a Savage Worlds Paranoia game.

And since I'm ME, the first thing I did was design a character sheet.

I wanted the feel of more paper work -- so the design here calls for you to cut each sheet in half so each player gets 3 half sheets for their clone, and a "treason log".



And you can go here to get the basic "How I see this working" rules Which is mostly an outline for character creation and will probably change as I work on my adventure.


DonsSword said...

I curious: why use Savage Worlds and not the default Paranoia system (other than familiarity)? What does SW bring to the table to enhance/change the game?

BTW, nice work. Definitely keep this in my backpocket.

Cheyenne said...

One, I don't like d20 based systems. Paranoia XP has a lot of good ideas -- buried in much bigger stack of 'OG' game design. I knew that getting my players to learn such a system for a 1 or 2 night game would cost me playtime and I might even get a no-show or two. With this, I can just say "It's Savage Worlds, with some setting rules" and be done.

Two, I know Savage Worlds like the back of my hand, and enjoy the flow of it. It handles large crowds very well. like if I wanted a horde of reprogrammed bots to come raging at the party I can do that without slowing the game down.

Three, Because 'they' said it couldn't be done.

Todd P. said...

I ran a Savage Paranoia game using your rules and slightly modified character sheets. It was a total blast!

Everyone loved the Implicate skill. We had a showdown of accusations vs counter-accusations at the end. The Team Leader, who had been rolling terrible all night, got a series of exploding d6's. Five shifts of Censure later and the Computer called for the immediate termination of the filthy treasonous Loyalty Officer. Awesome.

Thanks for sharing this!