Savage Training Wheels

Folks seem to dig the layout of the Paranoia sheet - So I'm posting the 'internal document' on which it was based, what I call my "Training Wheels" sheet.

I use it at my house, whenever I bring in a new player. I find that this helps bring them up to speed fairly quickly. Now - I share it with you


texaspoet said...

Very sweet, Cheyenne. I'm loving your site!


Scott said...

Cheyenne, I just printed out the printer-friendly Savage Training Wheels sheet and I see a couple errors that I'm hoping you can remedy... Essentially the text at the end of the descriptions for "PACE" and "PARRY" are missing as well as the last line or two at the bottom of the sheet itself (the end of the description of "Withdrawing From Close Combat"... Thanks!

Mike said...

This is magnificent. Is there any chance of a PDF version - I just can't seem to get it completely clear as a JPG?

Many thanks for the fantastic work!

Colin Morris said...

That's a fantastic concept, and well put together too. Have you thought of applying that training-sheet concept to other games or are you a Savage Stalwart?

Allura Incantare said...

I'd love to get a printer friendly version of this sheet in pdf form. The words come out a little blurry when I print, and the beautiful green sheet doesn't do the design justice in my printer's attempt at greyscale.