Savage Paranoia

UPDATE - there is a new 2013 version of this sheet along with a rough outline for character creation rules

So I'm working on running a Paranoia session sometime in the future -- and I want to run it under Savage Worlds - so sue me. (note to Eric Goldberg & Greg Costikyan -- please don't sue me). Here is my first pass on a character sheet -- I encourage folks to take a look gimme some feedback


SASUOF said...

I was thinking about using Savage Worlds to represent Paranoia with a much simpler ruleset, and was preparing to do my own conversion when I found your amazing Savage Paranoia sheet on the internet. Problem is, I can;t find the ruleset you used to make it.
What impact does Guile and Trustworthiness have on the game, what is the difference between Shooting and energy weapons, and How do players accumulate Censure?

I'm interested in hearing about this, because A) it would make my life a lot easier, and B)It's just plain cool.


you can contact me at zhoekstra@gmail.com

Tim said...

Any chance you could post this as an SVG? I'd like to try and 'auto fill' it from xml based character information...