Generic Gaslamp Fantasy Character Sheet

Here is a sheet for any number of steampunk settings.
-- UPDATE -- Now with more gears and pipes - it's not Steampunk without gears and pipes
-- UPDATE 2 -- Matching Ally & Ship cards


Seguramente said...

All your sheets for Savage Worlds are really awesome, but I have a question for you: Why you release all your sheets in an image format, instead of a pdf with selecting capabilities? I mention this because sometimes I wished to translate them in Adobe Illustrator to spanish for my players, but I was unable to do so. Please don't take this as a complaint. Just curious.

Cheyenne said...

I'm glad you like them.

Originally I posted my designs as jpgs just because it was easiest. While I've been working with Savage Worlds since before it was a thing - it took a long time for them to actually draft me to make Character Sheets for them in an official capacity

The early sheets were all made in Photoshop and I just didn't have the option to make an editable PDF.

Now that I'm "the guy" for sheet design I try to keep foreign markets in mind when I make new 'official' sheets - Like the Deadlands Noir character sheet I made last week (posting SOON) but even then, some embedded fonts give people problems and the simplest way to make sure that everything stays looking the way I intended it to is to make it a fixed image.

If there is ever a particular sheet that people would like to have with the text blanked out (easy to do) or editable (harder to do - the older the design is) they should send me an email, and I'll try to help them out.

-- Cheyenne

Cheyenne said...

Also -- As I'm now reminded, blogger does not host PDF's like they do jpgs.

I've recently come up with a workaround where I post the PDF to my Google Drive then provide a public link to it. but it's a hassle.

- Chey

Kristian Serrano said...

You can embed PDFs in a blog post via Google Drive, too.

1. Open the PDF with the Google Drive Viewer.
2. Share the file publicly.
3. Click File -> Embed this PDF file...
4. Copy and paste the HTML into your blog post/page.

Cheyenne said...

I tried that - the inline window distorts the blog template too much. I'll just stick with jpgs, and hyperlinks to the PDF's

Stefan Shirley said...

Wow. These are brilliant. My new go to default sci fi character sheet. Well done!