Agents of Oblivion

Here are a few things I designed for the 'Agents of Oblivion' setting by Reality Blurs

First a Character Sheet

and a separate fold up 'passport' for all your secret stuff, like powers and gadgets


Jeffry Willis said...

Do you have PDF versions of these? They're AWESOME.

Cheyenne said...

Thanks -- I generally made all my old sheets in photoshop, and never posted PDF's. Nowadays I try to do both. This is one of the sheets that falls in the middle of that transition. I'm slowly tackling older stuff and making PDF's available -- along with 'blank' versions for folks that want to translate the sheets into other languages. All of this of course I'm doing in my 'free time' which, as you can imagine, is non-existent. Keep your eyes (or google alerts) on the blog. I'll get around to all of them eventualy.